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9 MoUs signed between Indian & Chinese IT Software Companies

New Delhi, September 25, 2007

The 2007 edition of the high profile Northeast Asia Hi-Tech Fair concluded in Shenyang.

The India IT Software Exhibition and Mission to China from 18-24 September was a great success in that 9 Cooperation Agreements and MoUs were signed on 21 September at the conclusion of the 1 st ever Seminar on Sino Indian Cooperation in the IT Software Sector in Shenyang, Liaoning Province,


China jointly organised by India China Alliance Centre (ICAC) and Shenyang  Information Industry Bureau (SIIB).

NIIT China (Shanghai) Ltd. alone signed up 3 MoUs with Shenyang Pioneer Computer Engineering Company Ltd; Software College of Shenyang University and Shenyang Information Industry Bureau. The MoU between NIIT (China) Shanghai Ltd and Shenyang Pioneer Computer Company Ltd. envisages that both parties would build the platform to cultivate international software talent, share high quality education resources and create a win – win situation for both the companies. NIIT will provide the latest course content and curriculum product for Shenyang Pioneer Computer Co Ltd. The Pioneer Group will integrate its local resources to cooperate with NIIT to implement and deliver the related curriculums and introduce the quality educational resources and methodology from NIIT including education and training biz model. Through this Cooperation, the two parties will be able to accelerate cultivation of international software talent who conform to the requirement of enterprises and with push forward the development of Shenyang's Software Industry, according to Prakash Menon, President, NIIT China (Shanghai) Ltd.

NIIT's MoU with the Software College of Shenyang University envisages that NIIT would provide the overall curriculum structure, plan and the educational design for training in 3 different curriculum areas under the MoU. These are:

1.   Software Engineering and Application Development

2.   Network Administration and Management

3.   Game Design and Development

NIIT's courses could be delivered in Mandarin as well as in English. NIIT will train and certify faculty members of the Software College of Shenyang University before they teach a NIIT semester in College. If required, NIIT will depute foreign faculty in the Software College. Each NIIT semester conducted by NIIT's foreign faculty will need to be completed within 6 months from batch launch.

NIIT's MoU with Shenyang Information Industry Bureau, Liaoning Province, China envisages following responsibilities for the two sides:

NIIT will provide the overall curriculum structure, plan and the educational design for training in 3 different curriculum area's. These are;Software Engineering and Application Development; Network Administration and Management and Game Design and Development.

NIIT would sign its "Standard Cooperation Agreement" with individual Colleges and Universities introduced by SIIB. In the area of Corporate training, NIIT will work with SIIB to understand training requirement of Shenyang based Companies and tailor make programmes accordingly.

SIIB will take the initiative for organising Universities and Colleges to sign the "Standard Cooperation Agreement" with NIIT. SIIB will try to convince the first batch of at least 5 Institutes to sign the Agreement with NIIT by March, 2008.

To build a large number of high quality skill IT manpower and to encourage Universities and Colleges, SIIB will coordinate, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Municipal Government of Shenyang, in terms of offering financial support in the form of Educational Subsidies to Institutions and /or Students participating under this Cooperation.

The MoU between Toonz Animation India Private Limited (Asia's largest Animation Company) and Deep Blue 3D Animation Company located in Shenyang expresses their intention to Cooperate in the area's of Financing, Production and Distribution of Animated / Live Action Movies, Series and /or DVDs. While Toonz shall identify International Projects which can be executed through the Cooperation of the two parties; undertake and execute the pre-production for the projects; undertake and execute the post-production for the projects and identify the Distributor for the projects executed in Cooperation with Deep Blue 3D Animation Company, the Shenyang based Company will undertake and execute the animation production of the projects identified by Toonz.

The Cooperation Agreement between EAPT Solutions India Private Limited and GE-SOFT (Global Envoy Software Limited) envisages collaboration in the area of e-Learning. Another Chennai based Company – Sakshi Automaton Solution (Private) Limited signed a Cooperation Agreement with GE-SOFT in the area of e-Learning. EAPT Solutions India Private Limited also signed an important Cooperation Agreement with Neusoft Group Limited (one of the most prominent Chinese companies in Northeastern China). The Cooperation Agreement relates to e-Learning. Sakshi Automation Solution (Private) Limited also signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Neusoft Group in the area of e-Learning.

The Cooperation Agreement between Technopark, Trivandrum (India's 1st Software Technology Park) / InfoPark, Cochin with the Shenyang Information Industry Bureau envisages mutually beneficial working relationship for the next one year. Techopark, Trivandrum and InfoPark, Cochin will identify Indian IT Software Companies to collaborate with the Shenyang based IT Software Companies specially in the area of :

1.   BPO for Japan, South Korea and Mainland China.
2.   Software export and outsourcing services (embedded software) for Japanese, 

      South Korean, American and European markets.
3.   Software outsourcing training, specially the training for BPOs
4.   Animation outsourcing.

Shenyang Information Industry Bureau has committed to promote Technopark, Trivandrum and InfoPark, Cochin by encouraging Shenyang based IT Software Companies to explore the possibility of locating themselves at Technopark/ InfoPark as Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprises (WOFE) or as Joint Venture Partners with Indian IT Software Companies. This MoU was signed between R.K. Nair, CEO, Technopark, Trivandrum /InfoPark, Cochin and Hongfeng Yang, Director, Shenyang Information Industry Bureau.

The India IT Software Pavilion at the 2007 Northeast Asia Hi-Tech Fair drew over 5000 business visitors from Mainland China, South Korea and Japan. Over 135 serious business enquires were received essentially in the area of IT and ITES Cooperation between India and China.

The prominent Indian Mission Members and Seminar speakers included P Jayakumar, CEO, Toonz Animation India Private Limited (Mission Leader); James Lin, CEO and MD, Infosys Techologies (China) Co Ltd; Prakash Menon, President, NIIT China (Shanghai) Ltd; R K Nair, CEO, Techopark, Trivandrum and InfoPark, Cochin; T.V. Venkatasubramanyan, MD & CEO, Sakshi Automation Solution Private Limited; S.Gopikrishna and R Sadasivam, Chief Technical Operations and Vice President – India Operations, EAPT Solutions India P Ltd; S Ramaprasad, Executive Director, Toonz Animation; S.R. Shet, Managing Director, Info Tech Corporation of Goa Ltd; Dr. S. Birendra Singh, Director, Regional Institutes of e-Learning and IT, Kohima and Director, DOEACC, Imphal. India China Alliance Centre was represented by C. P. Sharma, Executive Director and Nishchay Bahl (Mission Manager) and Rohit Sharma (Exhibition Manager).  

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