" To promote Sino-Indian bi-lateral cooperation and to learn from each other’s intrinsic strengths."

The India China Alliance for Cooperation aims to promote Sino-Indian bilateral cooperation and to create an environment of trust and mutual sharing where both nations can learn from each other’s intrinsic strengths.

With a rich historical past, the two neighbours have a lot to learn from each other. China’s growth story is a matter of much discussion and debate not just in India but across the world. There is curiosity, interest and awe associated with virtually all aspects of its economic, cultural, industrial, educational and infrastructural development.

The ICAC is committed to building friendly, apolitical bridges between the two nations. With trusted partners on both sides, ICAC is perfectly poised to give government and business delegations, students and cultural organisations a comprehensive experience of the country that is China. Visiting China, through ICAC ensures a safe, and enriching experience.

ICAC is on the demand of its partners and clients, expanding its footprint to other nations like Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and also Mexico. Groups from India are now combining their trips to China with neighbouring countries. Also, there is a lot of interest in Mexico about China, which ICAC is in the process of leveraging by developing exchange programmes and exposure trips.

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