Researchers/Faculty from Assam Return after Productive Visit to Kunming, China

A team of 23-members Ph.D scholars from as many as 10 Departments of GU of Assam along with 10 senior faculty members and Heads of Departments participated in a Study Tour organised by the India China Alliance for Cooperation from July 4th to 7th, 2016.

They were guests of the Yunnan Minzu University (YMU) with whom ICAC has an MoU that aims to strengthen academic ties between students of YMU and their counterparts in India. As part of the 4 day study tour, researchers had an opportunity to visit the different departments at YMU, engage with faculty members, students, fellow researchers and a host of Indian and international students. The interface provided them with insights on how research work is carried out in China and how they can partner with the University on specific projects.

ICAC facilitated the entire visit which also included an interaction at the Centre for Mountain Ecosystem Studies in Kunming where the delegation from Gauhati University had a chance to discuss at length aspects related to altitudinal and temperature gradients that affect soil microbial communities, organic farming, mountain farming and veterinary antibiotics with senior faculty members of the World Agroforestry Centre, East and Central Asia Office. A number of next steps have been proposed which include exploring possibilities of collaboration in the areas of tea cultivation, tree-crop-livestock systems, particularly related to cattle farming, combining Chinese and Indian traditional knowledge and scientific expertise in the search for plants containing useful bioactive compounds and using agroforestry to provide sustainable land-use options for jum/ swidden farmers who suffer from inadequate irrigation and soil degradation.

The group succeeded in signing a number of MoUs for joint research, seminars and trainings. The visit provided exposure to Chinese research methodologies, University and department infrastructure, curriculum planning and assessment and insight into recent research projects.

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