Piyush Bahl, Founder
The India China Alliance for Cooperation (ICAC) is run and managed by a team of professionals, representing the travel, tourism, media, education, ITeS and agri-business industries. It also has advisors specialising in Sino-Indian relations.
It was founded, by the Late Mr. Piyush Bahl, who was a dynamic visionary who believed that the two great nations - India and China, had much to learn from each other. He spent 20 years with India’s apex industry chamber, the Confederation of Indian Industry and his last posting was in Shanghai, where he was responsible for the federation’s operations in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.
Post CII, he set up ICAC in 2003 with a view to establish strong linkages with China across Provinces. Under his leadership, ICAC was committed to promoting Sino Indian bilateral trade, investment and cultural cooperation. With his extensive experience Mr. Bahl had developed excellent relationships with the Chinese Central, Provincial and City Governments as also leading Chinese Universities, International Business Schools and other Chinese Institutions of world repute.

ICAC came to enjoy a very special working relationship with the Shenyang Municipal People's Government, Shenyang Information Industry Bureau, Shenyang Education Bureau, Liaoning Province and with the Weifang Municipal People's Government, Weifang Science and Technology Bureau, Organising Committee of the China (Shouguang) International Vegetable Sci-tech Fair (Annual Event), Department of Science and Technology, Shandong Province, The People's Republic of China.

Formal MoUs have been entered between some of institutions represented by ICAC and China Sub-Councils for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPITs) across Provinces. ICAC also established linkages with the Shanghai Overseas Talent Search Centre of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and China National Tourist Office in New Delhi.

Unfortunately, Mr. Bahl passed away in 2011 after a brief illness. But the work started by him is being pursued actively by his family, who wish to stay connected with him, through the work that meant so much to him.

New programmes have been added and partnerships forged. The interest in China remains unsatiated and ICAC has diligently strived to create healthy and sustainable partnerships that allow learning and experience sharing to be an ongoing process.

Sadhana Bakshi, Advisor, Travel Trade and Business
Sadhana has over four decades of experience in teaching travel and tourism. She set up India’s first management course in Travel and Tourism at the All India Management Association. She was also Head of Department, Travel and Tourism at the Women’s Polytechnic in New Delhi. At ICAC she provides valuable input in designing programmes, making inroads in new markets and customising value offerings for niche business partners. E-mail Id-

CP Sharma, Director, Legal Services and Advisor, ICAC
Chander holds a Bachelors in Law from Delhi University. He is a practising lawyer with the Supreme Court of India. He was a founder member of ICAC and has lent support for over a decade in areas related to development of strategic businesses. He has provided valuable input in the logistical, administrative and legal aspects of developing a robust model that is now being taken to scale. E-mail Id-

Zhao Hang, Director, Legal Services and Advisor, ICAC
Zhao Hang graduated from the Beijing International Studies University in Beijing, China, in the year 1995. He went on to specialise in international trade, focusing on the South Asia region. He has a strong India connect, having graduated from Delhi University in 2001 in the commerce stream. He went on to work in the capacity of a Sales Manager and Director with TVS Electronics, one of India’s leading electronic products manufacturing companies followed by stints in THTF, an established Chinese IT company, ZTE, a major telecom solution provider and Dayang Technology, a reputed broadcast solution provider in China.

He met Mr. Piyush Bahl, the founder of ICAC in 2003, and struck a valuable friendship. He was a special invitee at the inaugural ceremony of ICAC in Delhi and thereafter was actively involved with ICAC’s work in the initial years. He worked in New Delhi and Chandigarh for four months, leading an Indian students’ delegation in 2004 to China and helping ICAC participate in China Soft, a large IT fair in China. He is a trusted friend of ICAC. Currently, he is in-charge of the legal vertical of ICAC, responsible for the China side of the business and is also an Advisor to ICAC’s specialised business missions. He adds a lot of value to ICAC given his understanding of India and his strong Chinese roots and connections. E-Mail Id-

Manoj Gupta, Advisor, International Business
Manoj holds a B.Tech in Computers from Banaras Hindu University. He has over 25 years of experience working with leading software companies like Ericsson, Hewlett Packard and Wipro. His areas of interest include Project management, Information Technology, Quality Assurance and Software Development. He has a good understanding of business and international trade, especially given his stints on executing special projects in Europe. He is an avid trekker, adventure sports enthusiast and a voracious reading. He is also associated with a leading Indian NGO called Sai Prerna which is based out of New Delhi.
E-mail Id-

Taru Bahl, Director, Media and Communications
Taru has over 20 years of experience working in media and the development sector. She was Assistant Editor with the Statesman and National Editor with Mint. Presently, she consults with a number of UN agencies, including UNICEF and World Bank. She also writes on travel and development issues for some of the leading newspapers, magazines and websites. She provides strategic guidance to some of ICAC’s activities, especially those related to conceptualisation of new events and adding value to some of its standard products. E-mail Id-

Rahul Joshi, Operations Manager
Rahul has been with ICAC for over six years and has a good understanding of the Indian and Chinese side of the business. He undertakes business development activities, keeps himself abreast with events in China and identifies areas of mutual collaboration and interest. He works closely with Indian Universities, government departments and PSUs and helps establish meaningful linkages with Chinese counterparts. E-mail Id-

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