ICAC facilitates participation of Indian Business Schools in China’s BRICS event

India China Alliance for Cooperation (ICAC) facilitated participation of Amity Business School at the prestigious 6th BRICS students meet at the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), Beijing in October, 2014. The 3-day residential event saw students participating in lecture sessions, competitions and interactions, in addition to undertaking a factory visit and wrapping up with a cultural show put up by participating countries that had leading business schools from Russia, China and India.

The BRICS event was part of a Study Tour organised by ICAC which also had the participation of students and faculty members from the Hyderabad Business School. The tour aimed to provide exposure to leading Chinese universities in Beijing and Shanghai, interacting with foreign students, department of international studies and getting a sense of what it would entail to study, work and live in a country where opportunities were mushrooming in practically all sectors. The group visited the Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shanghai University, besides Peking University in Beijing.

The tour was enriching and a great learning experience with students getting an insight into the future of management education and the optimum level of education that can be reached by global integration, and through introduction of innovative ways and practices. Students learned more about glocalisation, gamification and crowdsourcing, leadership development, enhancing international relationships for collaboration and a joint for effort the betterment of management education. The ‘Sand board Competition’, for example exposed students to principles of risk taking, trust, negotiations, planning and strategising, optimum utilisation of resources and much more.

According to Aman Jain, student of MBA at the Amity Business School, Amity University in New Delhi and the student leader of the group, “the trip gave us a fantastic first-hand feel of how the Chinese have developed their industry, trade, commerce and infrastructure while preserving their traditions and culture. There is much to learn and replicate from observing them and the study trip was certainly a good starting point.”

The China experience was wholesome, with students doing the Shanghai cruise, undertaking the skywalk at the Pudong TV Tower, taking a high speed train between Shanghai and Beijing, visiting the Great Wall of China, going to Tiannemen Square, sampling exquisite Chinese delicacies including the famous Peking Duck. For shopping there were the massive open markets where your bargaining powers get tested. Topping the cultural experience was the astounding Kung Fu Show.

ICAC has similar study tours lined up for 2015 and also some exciting summer school opportunities. For more details write to.......